The MSPaint Comic

About The MSPaint Comic

The MSPaint Comic is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by Kevin Tracy using Microsoft Paint. The series will occur over the course of five large volumes and several small side stories. Each volume of The MSPaint Comic is part of an abstract autobiography of creator Kevin Tracy's life from 2004 through 2008 with each volume covering one year. The shorter side stories elaborate more on the history and character backgrounds involved in the series' unique universe.

Although abstract, the series was written to be an action comedy adventure. The premise involves an unnaturally old arms dealer known as "The Wizard" who has instigated almost every global conflict of the late 19th and 20th centuries and the men and women in a secret United States Air Force unit who are tasked with his capture. Among these Airmen is Kevin Tracy, a young man with an incredible destiny that the Wizard is determined to undermine.

Drawn entirely in Microsoft Paint, The MSPaint Comic features extremely unique artwork and that may be the largest printed collection of pixel art in the world. Copies of The MSPaint Comic have been sold all over the United States and at military bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Britain, and Germany.

History of The MSPaint Comic

The MSPaint Comic started as a webcomic in January 2005 on Kevin Tracy's website,

The webcomic succeeded from 2005 to 2007 with a good amount of success. However, as time went on, the quality of the art began to improve and the time required to make each weekly comic began to increase with it. Eventually, comics took longer than a week to draw, resulting in a few missed deadlines. Another element of the webcomic that began to improve was the story writing for it. Eventually, Kevin Tracy made the decision to stop drawing the comic all together. However, he continued developing and writing a story for the characters in the webcomic that introduced everyone the right way and would tie a lot of the important plots in the webcomic in one legendary story.

By 2009, the story was complete and work was ready to begin. After experimenting with different art styles, Kevin Tracy decided there was a special magic to the art drawn in Microsoft Paint. With that decision made, he began drawing one day in September 2009. Five years later, a Christmas Comic and the first Volume were completed. Work on Volume 2 is currently underway along with a Cold War story involving The Wizard.