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Both The MSPaint Comic: Volume 1 and The MSPaint Comic: Pixels for Christmas are available for purchase from the store! First editions of Volume 1 are still available!

Westchester Public Library Comic Con
in Chesterton, IN

It might have been cold and wet, but we had a GREAT RESPONSE from folks checking out the Westcheter Public Library Comic Convention! I love seeing people's faces when I tell them I drew everything in Microsoft Paint. I love it even more when they buy both The MSPaint Comic: Volume 1 and Pixels for Christmas!

I sold a lot more than I was expecting and I'm investing the gross proceeds back into the comic for future events.

The MSPaint Comic: Volume 2 is underway!

Great news, everyone! I'm about 1/3rd of the way through with the line art on Volume 2 assuming we're going to be at about 130 pages. If it goes much over 130 pages, the second volume will have to be released in two issues.

Don't freak out, that means less of a void between the conclusion of Volume 2 and the release of Volume 3!

In Memory of Johnny Sparks

Senior Airman Johnny SparksJohnny Sparks is a member of the Wizard Hunters in The MSPaint Comic, but in real life he was a fellow Intelligence Analyst stationed with me at Beale Air Force Base in northern California. We worked U-2 missions and correlated information gathered from various platforms into actionable intelligence, saving innocent lives, protecting our men and women on the ground from terrorist attacks, and finding the people who would commit murder to advance their twisted and violent ideologies.

When Sparks got out of the service, we knew he went back to family and friends back home, but he largely dropped off the radar because he wasn't on social media nobody had an e-mail address, mailing address, or phone number for him once he moved back.

Several months after it happened, we learned that our friend and brother had passed away on September 25, 2015. We hoped it was just bad information making its way back to us or some other Johnny Sparks, one who was older and lived a full life already. It wasn't. God called Sparks home after just 36 years.

Sparks was one of those gentle giant types. He was probably the only person I served with who was taller than me (just by a hair and I never admitted he was). He was also built a lot tougher than me. Every way I can think to describe Airman Sparks physically, it would sound like he was the type of person you're always terrified of running into in a dark alley... but if you did, you wouldn't be intimidated at all, despite his enormous presence. He was gentle, soft spoken, quiet, reserved, somebody who we always felt comfortable around and respected to no end by those who had the pleasure of serving with him.

If he wasn't an incredible guy, he wouldn't have made it into The MSPaint Comic. And while I had already planned on making Sparks the hero of a fight scene in Volume 2, this is going to be REALLY epic now. It's the least I can do to honor my brother's memory.